From visible to invisible (PDF english)

From visible to invisible (PDF english)



This book is dedicated to the general public, caregivers in the broad sense of the term practising in a medical environment, and complementary medicine practitioners. If you are a scientist, do not make too hasty a judgment: most of the references cited report preliminary studies that need to be completed and further developed to provide proof of concept. However, they have the merit of informing the community that researchers and physicians are interested in other invisible, energetic realities that compose and affect human beings and that today they can no longer be ignored.

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The mystical and scientific visions of the world are, I believe, two different perspectives about the same thing. Scientists, by isolating each object of study or the doctor by treating only the organ and forgetting that human being is only one entity, have reinforced our dualist vision of the world. Human beings have been compartmentalised, they have lost their unity. However, it represents a physical, emotional and mental entity that is inseparable from the maintenance of his or her health and well being.

This duality is also expressed by conventional medicine versus complementary medicines. They are like the two halves of the brain: rational and analytical for one part; intuitive and energetic for the other one. Like the right and left brains, which are essential for the proper functioning of the brain, they are inseparable for health and well being. It is time to bring them together.